Department of Transport Means and Diagnostics

The Department of Transport Means and Diagnostics is the fundamental department for the branch of study Transport Means, which is divided into specialization Road Vehicles and Railway Vehicles.

Study of the Transport Means is focused on construction, operation and design of transport means, especially road and railway vehicles. It is also concerned with environmental protection and risks connected with transport. Both sections of the department focus on teaching and solving research issues in technical field of transport.


Study of the Transport Means and the sections of the Department are divided into specializations:


Road Vehicles

The section of Road Vehicles primarily focuses on research task in the driving behavior of vehicles, especially the stability. Furthermore, the section deals with the issues of safety of road traffic and the enviroment's impact of road traffic.

The Study of Road Vehicles prepares graduates to work in an important technical position. Graduates have no problem with employment. Usually, students combine study and practice and after graduation enter directly into a known job.

Railway Vehicles

The Section of Railway Vehicles mainly deals with research tasks in the area of interaction of the wheel and rail, the bogie's design of railway vehicles, the issues safety against of derailment and driving behavior of railway vehicles.

The Study of Railway Vehicles prepares graduates for solving problems of construction, maintenance and testing of railway vehicles. Graduates have no problem with finding employment in companies focused on the development, operation or testing of railway vehicles.