Department of Air Transport

Pardubice is the cradle of aviation in the Czech Republic, the embodiment of the life and work of Ing. Jan Kašpar, who made the first flight over the Czech territory and made his long-distance flight from Pardubice to Velká Chuchle.


Through the Department of Air Transport (KLD), the Jan Perner Faculty of Transport (DFJP) is a unique institution that holds the Aircraft Maintenance Technician (MTO) training and examination certificate and the Aircraft and Helicopter Pilot (ATO) training certificate. By obtaining these certificates, DFJP has opened the way for the accreditation of programmes or specializations for the training of regulated professions, which include aviation professions.


KLD is the guarantor of the existing professional study programme Technology, Technology and Management of Air Transport (Bachelor's degree). The Department mainly focuses on air transport. Two divisions of the Department provide teaching of subjects focused on engineering, technology and management of air transport.


The Department was founded by doc. Ing. Vladimír Němec, PhD, prof. h. c.


In addition to teaching in the full-time study programme, the Department of Air Transport offers cooperation between industry and the professional community in providing lifelong learning courses and basic or applied research.


Head of the Department of Air Transport: Ing. Petr Mrázek, PhD



Jarmila Ehlová

T: +420 466 036 390