Study in Czech

Students from foreign countries are welcome to study Czech study programmes tought in czech language only. Please, see important details below before you place online application.

1. Tuition fee:

The study in the Czech study programmes is free of charge regardless of the students' nationality.

2. Czech as a language of tuition:

One of the required conditions for study addmision is the certificate of passing CZ languague exam – minimally at the B2 CEFR level.  In the Czech Republic there are a few institutions where you can get this certificate, for example the Languague School in Poděbrady, a small Czech town with a pleasant spa atmosphere.

More information about courses at the Languague School in Poděbrady can be found here.

3. How to apply

1. Electronic application form filled out (see the Faculty website)
2. Pay an application fee CZK 500 (payment details will be part of the confirmation email after creating the online application)
3. In case you require a verification of previous high school or university education, the fee of CZK 600 is charged (documents for payment: see the e-mail/electronic application form) - applicants with nostrification do not pay this fee!
4. Certified copy of an examination in the Czech language, minimum level B2 CEFR
5. For the study program Transport Technology, proof of medical certificate for work in electrical engineering (form attached bellow)
6. The “Form for candidates of study at the Faculty of Transport Engineering” filled out
7. Proof of the previous high school / university education (verified copies)

Addmision procedure to a Czech study programme for foreign candidates (required documents, administration fees, forms, etc.)

4. Deadlines

Bachelor study

  • submission of e-application and payments:  till 31 March 2023
  • delivery of documents: till 15 June 2023

Master study

  • submission of e-application and payments: till 30 June 2023
  • delivery of documents: till 30 June 2023

Contact person: Jiří Pašek -

5. Branches of study

Bachelor study

Master study

Doctoral study