Department of Transport Structures

Department of Transport Structures provides teaching of the bachelor and master study programme Transport Structures. Successful graduates can continue in doctoral study programme Transport Means and Infrastructure.

In the scope of the specialized subjects of the Transport Structures study programme, we share with students our knowledge about design, assessment and evaluation of transport structures, mostly bridge and tunnel structures, roads, railways (incl. urban), foundation engineering, and others. Except for vocationally focused subjects, necessary theoretically and experimentally focused subjects, like Structural Statics, Flexibility and Strength, Finite Element Method, Geotechnics, Geology, and Experimental Analysis, are an integral part of the education.

The orientation of the department can be divided into following directions:

  • steel structures
  • concrete structures
  • roads
  • railways
  • geotechnics and foundation engineering.



Goal of the bachelor studies is preparation of graduates to independently and promptly solve tasks of operational character in employment at civil engineering companies. Graduates have a good command of fundamental preparatory and specialized subjects on the required theoretical level of university studies.

Goal of the master studies is preparation of graduates for positions demanding theoretic and specialized knowledge enabling independent creative, decision-making and conceptual activities. Graduates find employment in development, design and research organizations, and in state administration. Graduates are ready to solve demanding problems of operational character independently and promptly.


Final Exams

Studies of the Transport Structures study field are concluded in complience with § 45 and § 46 of the Act No. 111/1998 Coll. on Higher Educational Institutions and Alternation of Some Other Acts (the Higher Education Act), as amended, by final exams which include defence of bachelor or diploma thesis, respectively.

Final exams at the Department of Transport Structures are held twice a year, in February and June.

Final Exams


Scientific Activities

Creative scientific activities at the Department of Transport Structures are realized by solving problems in the scope of research grant projects, publishing new findings in scientific journals, conference papers and creation of teaching aids, textbooks and monographs. An important part of the scientific activities of the department is solving research grant projects of the Czech Science Foundation, research intents and research projects in the area transportation. Faculty of Transport Engineering, Department of Transport Structures is a member of the Interoperability of Railway Infrastructure association and the National Technology Platform for Road Transport.


Labs and PC Classrooms

In the laboratories of the Department of Transport Structures, we provide tests of building materials and soils including evaluation and processing. The laboratory facilities enable assessment and testing of materials which are used at construction sites of transport structures. Diagnostic tests of structures are provided, too. Laboratories provide space for interactive discussions in the extent of 2 to 4 hours a day. Very intensive use of the laboratories happens in the period of bachelor and diploma thesis creation, according to the topics selected by students. In 2008, new 300 t press with breaking track was acquired from HEIDF means.


Our Alumni

“Thanks to the Transport Structures studies, I got a good grasp of all branches in the field; across all phases from design to realization. Moreover, I liked the freedom of choice in study specialization.”
Ing. Aleš Bělík
Hrochostroj a.s. member of the enteria a.s. group, business manager
„Studies of Transport Structures gave me not only the needed expertise, but more importantly the ‚ability to cope‘. Thanks to the studies, I was able to reach further levels in professional education, too.“
Ing. Jindra Flanderková
Construction Supervisor of Road Structures
“I was ready for work and life after graduation at the Department of Transport Structures. I am looking forward to collaboration with every other graduate that joins our group.”
Ing. Ondřej Joska
Chairman of the Board at ventio holding a.s.

“Education in Transport Structures is like a vector. Under given origin, it gives magnitude and direction to your life. With it, you have the privilege of not only experiencing journeys – but building the roads that make them possible.”
Ing. Šárka Kubcová
Technické služby Hradec Králové, Deputy Director for Administration of Streets, Public Lighting and Traffic Lights
“Studies at the Faculty of Transport Engineering laid good foundations for the future realization of transport structures.”
Ing. Martin Lukeš
SWIETELSKY stavební s.r.o., Director of Pardubice Area
“We were told at the beginning we will be the elite at the end. I still doubt to a certain extent (self-criticism is important), but confrontation with reality persuades me we are definitely above the average.”
Ing. Vojtěch Mareš
ŘSD ČR Pardubice Office, Investments Executive at Division of Construction

“Thanks to the studies at the Faculty of Transport Engineering in Pardubice, I could be involved in the design phase of important transport structures in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.”
Ing. Václav Marvan
KOMOVIA s.r.o., Executive Director
“I liked the comprehensiveness of the department, high expertise of lecturers and our great party of schoolmates, too. Everyone focused on something else out of transport structures after the studies. I collaborate with many of them even now and we happen to meet at construction sites.”
Ing. Luboš Netolický
Chládek a Tintěra Pardubice a.s., construction manager – bridges
“I gained comprehensive information on the area of transport and transport structures, but more importantly, I constantly trained stress resistance as for the fact that something was not as it was theoretically supposed to be.”
Ing. Michal Šobr
PRODIN a.s., DRAWINGS s.r.o., Railway Structures Designer

“The Faculty of Transport Engineering helped me get general knowledge in realization of structures.”
Ing. Tomáš Tucauer
Tractebel engineering a.s., Project Leader: Manages design activities of industrial projects
“Studies encouraged my interest in road structures and gave me opportunity to know where to look when searching for something in standards or in technical regulations.”
Ing. Jaroslav Vaňásek
Regional Authority of Hradec Králové Region, Department of Transport and Road Management Officer

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