Pavel Beránek: Don't be afraid to aim high. It will motivate you

The series of successful graduates of the University of Pardubice continues. This time, we introduce Pavel Beránek, a graduate of the Jan Perner Transport Faculty. After graduation, he joined ŠKODA VAGONKA, a.s., where he has worked up till now. In 2004, he started as a designer. Over the years, thanks to his diligence and enthusiasm for the field, he has worked his way up to the current position of the head of the Technical Department.

What field did you study at the University of Pardubice?

I wanted to study a technical field. I have always been interested in means of transport and the possibility of specializing in rolling stock was an attractive offer. Moreover, the University of Pardubice was already a respected institution at that time and it had also been recommended to us at the secondary school. Last but not least, the City of Pardubice had played its role, I like it as a city and I have family ties here.

What did your study give to you?

I gained a high quality knowledge base from the branch of study Means of Transport - Rail Vehicles, a relatively specific and narrow-profile field. However, the most beneficial for my current profession was the practical training at a separate workplace in Ceska Trebova where I had the opportunity to get hands-on experience in a small group.

When you started working after graduation, was it a big change for you?

In 2004 I joined the then ČKD VAGONKA (now ŠKODA VAGONKA, a.s.) and I have been here until today. Yes, as it probably is for most graduates. I had to move for the job, and with the new work I also had to, like many others, handle the new start of my private life.

What do you think is the greatest success in your professional career?

My work at ŠKODA VAGONKA, a. s. I started there as a designer. Over the years, I've gone through several different jobs. Each of them was a challenge for me. Thanks to that, I had the opportunity to participate in the implementation of key corporate projects. And I still appreciate the fact that I can work in a company that constantly presents new challenges and opportunities and that I can work closely with a team of professionals and create unique products together with them.

What would you recommend to students of the University of Pardubice who want to succeed in their profession?

I would definitely recommend that they devote learn foreign languages. The knowledge of one world language is now a matter of course; therefore, if they want to gain a considerable competitive advantage, they should know at least two foreign languages. They should also take advantage of a variety of practical internships and trainee programmes to gain valuable work experience. And most importantly, do not be afraid to choose a demanding profession. Set higher goals to motivate you. Accept the challenges your life brings and try to keep working on yourself. 

Pavel Beránek started his studies in the branch of study Means of Transport - Rolling Stock at the Jan Perner Transport Faculty of the University of Pardubice in 1999. He successfully completed his studies five years later. That same year he got his first job as a designer in the former ČKD VAGONKA, a.s. Gradually, he worked his way up to the position of the head of the Technical Department, which he was appointed in 2015.

ŠKODA VAGONKA, a.s., is a direct successor to the tradition of the production of passenger rail vehicles with a production program focused on products in the area of electric units for suburban transport, engine kits, light regional vehicles and passenger trailers. Over time, it has undergone many organizational and ownership changes. These changes were completed by the arrival of a foreign owner in ČKD VAGONKA STUDENKA, a.s., and by the separation of passenger cars from the production and business plans of this company to the joint-stock company ČKD VAGONKA. In January 2005, ČKD VAGONKA became part of the ŠKODA HOLDING Group and in March 2008 its name was changed to ŠKODA VAGONKA a.s. ŠKODA VAGONKA, a.s., provides, inter alia, complete vehicle service, repairs and refurbishment and, last but not least, sells spare parts.


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