University of Pardubice to Support Ukrainian Students and End Cooperation with Russia

3. 3. 2022

The management of the University of Pardubice denounces the unprecedented Russian invasion that shows no respect for the principles of democracy and fundamental values of the European Union in the 21st century. The University of Pardubice will support its students from Ukraine both symbolically and specifically. In protest against this military aggression, it has also decided to terminate the cooperation agreements with Russian universities.

The University of Pardubice will terminate each and every form of cooperation with Russia, including agreements with partner universities. “Russian aggression violates the principles of the UN Charter and is directed against the sovereign state of Ukraine. In view of the unprecedented events of recent days, we have decided to terminate the cooperation agreements between the University of Pardubice and universities in Russia,” says Prof. Libor Čapek, the Rector of the University.

The University offers help to those who have found themselves in a difficult situation due to the war conflict. Students who are affected by the current war situation have the opportunity to use the Academic Counselling Centre of the University of Pardubice (APUPA) to seek help from experts and psychologists. For several days now, the Centre has been contacted by an increased number of international students. For more information, go to Poradenství pro studenty | Univerzita Pardubice (

The management of the University of Pardubice acts through the deans of all faculties to offer students an extraordinary scholarship if they find themselves in a difficult situation. 

The University of Pardubice and all the deans of its seven faculties are also going to help students who may have problems fulfilling their study obligations due to the war conflict.

The University of Pardubice, where 131 Ukrainian students are currently studying, is ready to accept other students from war-affected Ukraine for a short-term study stay. For a start, it will admit ten students from partner universities in Kyiv, Lviv, Mariupol, Uzhhorod and Kharkiv. These students will be offered a short-term study stay, including a scholarship, for which the University management has allocated CZK 1.6 million. The University will also offer students the opportunity to study in long-term Czech and English programmes. It will support more Ukrainian students by arranging further accommodation in the coming weeks.

The University and its faculties have joined public collections in the Czech Republic and call on their staff and students to help. For more, go to Pomáháme Ukrajině | Univerzita Pardubice (

The management of the University of Pardubice supports the statement of the Czech Rectors’ Conference, the Czech Academy of Sciences and other organisations.