Research team of Libor Švadlenka


  • Urban freight transport - last mile delivery,
  • The connection of urban freight transport with the development of e-commerce,
  • Analysis of the impact of urban freight transport on the environment and road safety (noise, CO2, NOx emissions, congestions, traffic accidents),
  • New trends in urban freight transport (new technologies, sharing economy, alternative drive systems etc.).


Head of Research Team:

Libor Švadlenka

Members of Research Team:

Jiří Křupka

Momčilo Dobrodolac,University of Belgrade, Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering

Vladimir Simić, University of Belgrade, Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering

Andrii Galkin, National University of Urban Economy in Kharkiv, Transport system and logistics department

Libor Bauer

Stefan Jovčić

Daniel Salava

Dalibor Gottwald

Jan Chocholáč

Michaela Novotná

Radek Vrba


Novotná M., Švadlenka L., Jovčić S., Simić V. Micro-hub location selection for sustainable last-mile delivery. (2022) PloS one, 17 (7), pp. e0270926, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0270926.

Novotná M., Gottwald D., Švadlenka L. GDP effect on B2C e-commerce turnover and number of express shipments in selected European post-communist countries. (2021) Communications - Scientific Letters of the University of Žilina, 23 (4), pp. A233 - A240. DOI: 10.26552/COM.C.2021.4.A233-A240.

Svadlenka L., Simic V., Dobrodolac M., Lazarevic D., Todorovic G. Picture Fuzzy Decision-Making Approach for Sustainable Last-Mile Delivery. (2020) IEEE Access, 8, art. no. 9262845, pp. 209393 – 209414. DOI: 10.1109/ACCESS.2020.3039010.

Lazarević D., Dobrodolac M., Švadlenka L., Stanivuković B. A model for business performance improvement: A case of the postal company. (2020) Journal of Business Economics and Management, 21 (2), pp. 564 – 592. DOI: 10.3846/jbem.2020.12193

Chocholac, J., Hruska R., Machalik S., Sommerauerova D., Sohajek P., 2021. Framework for Greenhouse Gas Emissions Calculations in the Context of Road Freight Transport for the Automotive Industry. Sustainability (Q2). 13(7). doi: 10.3390/su13074068 ISSN 2071-1050.

Novotná, M., Gottwald D., 2021. Current Challenges for the Postal Services sector in the Context of E-commerce – Predictive analysis of V4 States. Promet – Traffic&Transportation (Q4), Vol. 33, 2021, ISNN: 1848-4069.

Simić, V., Kasar I., Muhammet Deveci M., Švadlenka L. Mitigating Climate Change Effects of Urban Transportation Using a Type-2 Neutrosophic MEREC-MARCOS Model. IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management – in review process

Bošković, S., Švadlenka L., Jovčić S, Dobrodolac M. An alternative ranking order method accounting for two-step normalization (AROMAN) – a case study of the electric vehicle selection problem. European Transport Research Review – in review process

Švadlenka L., Dobrodolac M., Jovčić S.  Intelligent last-mile delivery planning and infrastructure monitoring in city logistics: a case of the city of Prague, Journal of Transport Geography – in review process


Sustainable urban mobility plans, e-commerce and smart city logistics, CK01000032, Czech Technology Agency of the Czech Republic (2020-2023)

Cooperation in Applied Research between the University of Pardubice and companies, in the Field of Positioning, Detection and Simulation Technology for Transport Systems, (2018-2022), OP VVV

System design to align education with labor market needs in the transport and communications sector, TJ02000093, Czech Technology Agency of the Czech Republic (2019-2021)

Audit of the measurement of transit time of single piece priority mail, contract research project, contractor - Czech Telecommunication office (2015 – 2023)

CO2 emission calculator for logistics, contract research project, contractor – ŠKODA AUTO a.s. (2021)


1. Preparation of scientific paper for journal: Transactions on Engineering Management with colleagues from Imperial College London, Faculty of Engineering, University of Belgrade, Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering and Boğaziçi University, Department of civil Engineering

Manuscript ID:  TEM-21-1078.R1

Manuscript Title:Mitigating Climate Change Effects of Urban Transportation Using a Type-2 Neutrosophic MEREC-MARCOS Model

Manuscript Author List: Simic, Vladimir; Gokasar, Ilgin; Deveci, Muhammet; Švadlenka, Libor

2. Preparation of join/double degree master study program Transport Operations Management with Technological University Dublin (Roisin Murray, John Higgins

3. Cooperation on solving project Sustainable urban mobility plans, e-commerce and smart city logistics project, CK01000032:

  1. University Gustave Eiffel in Paris, Logistics City chair (Laetitia DaBlanc)
  2. Technological University Dublin, City logistics (Xu Zhang)
  3. An Post (Aoife O'Connor)
  4. Dublin city council – Transportation planning division (Luke Binns)
  5. Preparation of IPOCC conference

    1. United States Postal Service, OIG RISC (Ducasse, Jean-Philippe)
    2. PostNL, Netherlands (Jan Bart Henry)
    3. Swiss Economics, CH (Christian Jaag)
    4. University of Belgrade, University of Zagreb, University of Zilina

AIDC (Automatic identification and data capture) laboratory

AIDC laboratory is used for teaching professional subjects in the field of logistics. The equipment of the laboratory enables research into the possibilities of using RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), barcodes and QR codes in the context of transport systems and logistics processes, as well as in postal and courier services. Another area of research is to achieve synergies through automatic identification systems in the logistics chain. The capacity of the laboratory is 12 students. The laboratory is used for both educational and scientific research activities.
Key equipment of the laboratory: RFID gateway with SW accessories (SessionOne from Motorola), fixed and mobile readers of RFID codes, barcodes, various types of antennas, RFID tags including specific ones monitoring e.g. defined temperature regime, etc., printer of various types of codes, conveyor belt allowing to simulate conditions of sorting process in logistics centre, etc.


In 2021 member of supervisor’s research team Ing. Dalibor Gottwald, Ph.D. received an award of Minister of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic for excellent educational activity related to project “System design to align education with labor market needs in the transport and communications sector” funded by Czech Technology Agency of the Czech Republic.